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Arsenal team news: Reinforcements are here

The good news continues with some big names returning.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

As Arsenal fans, we're used to crappy injury news, but the fact that a bunch of our players get hurt can sometimes lead to a perfect storm of Good News when a bunch of layoffs end at the same time. Today's one of those days, as in his pre-Burnley press conference, Arsene Wenger has announced a whole bunch of guys are available again.

Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, and Abou Diaby all played (and from what I heard, played pretty well) in a U21 game earlier this week, and the report is that they handled the post-game medical checkups well. The boss says "they should all be available from now on until the end of the season hopefully." Yes, hopefully. More likely at least one will get hurt again, because that's what these three have been like lately. But hopefully! Mathieu Debuchy is also all better, but lacking game fitness because you can only play so many adults in the kids' game, so he's probably not starting or anything. Wojciech Szczesny should also be available.

There are a few worries still, though. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is still a couple weeks away from a return. Laurent Koscielny has an issue as well, after he had to leave the 4-1 beatdown of Liverpool a bit early.

It’s a thigh problem, a little hip problem linked with the thigh. He will have a test today to see how far we can go with him. He had a scan yesterday and that looks quite good. The real test will be outside today.

If Koscielny checks out, we'll be close to having the full team fit for the first time in the history of Arsenal Football Club.