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Are these Arsenal's home and third shirts for next season?

Images leaked yesterday suggest little change to the home shirt, but perhaps a new color scheme for the third shirts.

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Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Around this time every year, leading up to the end of the season, images of next season's shirt and kit design start to pop up. This is the time when soccer fans put aside ongoing debates on tactics, formations, and squad makeup, and turn to arguing about sleeve piping, neck design,and third kit color combinations (or, in the case of Liverpool supporters, openly wonder aloud when the Warrior deal expires).

Which brings us to Arsenal and a couple of images of the home and away third shirt that have floated around the Internet over the past couple days. They haven't been officially confirmed by any source I feel comfortable with, but generally speaking the images that always get leaked are bang on accurate to what eventually becomes the next season's shirt.

If the images above are indeed the new shirt design next year, then bravo to all involved. Not too much is changing with the home shirt, and I've always loved the yellow shirts with the blue lettering/numbering. But I'm also in favor of switching up the colors on a somewhat-regular basis, and I prefer the dark blue shirts much more than the lighter blue shirts. With that dark blue, any one of those three possible secondary colors work. So all-in-all, I'm a satisfied supporter.

What say you? What are your thoughts on the rumored new shirts?