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Man of the match: Men of the match

We couldn't decide on one, so we gave it to two. We make the rules.

is that look one of concentration or disgust?
is that look one of concentration or disgust?
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

I mean, it's right there in the title. "Man of the match". That implies there's a single, clear choice for the best player in a game; the simplicity of it is beautiful. Then, there are games like Sunday's, where things aren't quite as clear-cut as all that; everybody did their jobs, and nobody made anybody's jaw drop, either positively or negatively.

So, instead of the usual dance saying "Hey (individual player), congrats on being named The Short Fuse's Man Of The Match award!" followed by that player taking 10 minutes to thank everyone in their life for winning such a prestigious award and boring us all to tears in the process (I'm glad your Aunt Debbie was super-influential in your life. Really. But WRAP IT UP ALREADY), we're doing something slightly different this week.

There were several players who made enough of a contribution yesterday to warrant such consideration, but none of them were astounding, so when we discussed it amongst ourselves - after the Thought Police item on the weekly TSF staff meeting agenda, but just before the Hardening your Narrative tutorial - we realized that at least two people deserved to share this week's award.

So, congratulations, Aaron Ramsey and Hector Bellerin - your reining in of the freshly anointed PFA Player Of The (Not Yet Completed, But Let's Ignore That And Call It That Anyway) Year award, Eden Hazard, was enough on an otherwise quiet-ish day to nudge you to the top in our voting. The entire Arsenal right flank deserves a lot of credit, but those two did just that little bit more, and as such get the commemorative muffin basket* and ready-for-framing certificate of merit that comes with being named TSF's Man Of the Match. Men Of The Match.

*We only bought one muffin basket, boys, so you'll have to fight over the last chocolate chip muffin.