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Arsenal vs. Chelsea: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Let's start doing this again, shall we?

What's French for "not my day"
What's French for "not my day"
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Here at the Short Fuse, we like to be all things* to all people**, all the time***.  But sometimes, some things fall through the cracks, and lately, our Good, Bad, and Ugly series has fallen through one of those cracks. But, now it's back! Finally! Just in time for a defensively minded game that ended 0-0! We're great at timing.


- Aaron Ramsey kept Eden Hazard fairly quiet all game.

- Arsenal's fouling towards the end of the game. Call them cynical, call them Chelsea-esque, whatever; they worked. They stopped Chelsea counters cold on a few occasions - which is the point of those types of fouls, especially when Arsenal were pouring everything into their own attack, which left them vulnerable. Stopping the counter was the goal, and those fouls did the job.

Also, yes, I'm aware that I listed fouling under "the good". But...there wasn't much to this game, y'know?


- Olivier Giroud had an off game. He showed the occasional flash of Gallic insouciance, but all in all it wasn't his best day at the office, was it?

- Width. Or rather, a lack of width. Arsenal played down the middle and into Chelsea's defense-first gameplan far too much.


- David Ospina's clash with Oscar. There's no angle where it looks less bad than it is; Ospina was lucky to stay on.

- John Terry

- Premier League concussion protocols. Oscar played for almost a half hour before...GOING OFF THE PITCH AT THE HALF AND STRAIGHT TO THE DAMN HOSPITAL. That's inexcusable; I don't care what color shirt someone's wearing, there's no way to justify allowing him to continue playing before thinking "you know, he looks bad, we should go get that checked out".  This is someone's life and brain you're messing with, Premier League. Fix this.

*we won't, like, bail you out of jail or give you a kidney or anything
**all people that read this, anyway, we're not omnipotent/omnipresent
***time is a flat circle and we have things to do that aren't TSF related. By which I mean we'll get to it eventually