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Aaron Ramsey leaves Piers Morgan hanging

The "down low/too slow" heard 'round the world.

unlike Aaron Ramsey, Shane Warne will shake Piers Morgan's hand
unlike Aaron Ramsey, Shane Warne will shake Piers Morgan's hand
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Nobody in the world likes Piers Morgan. There's no reliable polling on this, but based on personal experience, I feel pretty confident in saying it. There's a long list of Real Life reasons why this is the case, but for most of us it's more because he's a loudmouth Arsenal fan who represents the worst of what our fanbase has to offer, but since he's relatively famous, he gets to be considered The Public Voice Of Arsenal Fans even though he's almost always wrong. It's pretty annoying.

The person with the case to be more annoyed than anyone else is probably Aaron Ramsey. Back when Ramsey was recovering from his catastrophic leg break, he wasn't performing, as you might remember. Many fans were a bit over-the-top with their criticism of Ramsey (this is when the Aaron Ramsey Is Awesome Club was formed, as a backlash to the backlash). One of these was good ol' Piers. At one point he called him "a complete and utter liability," and then when Ramsey started playing well again, rather than crediting the player (or god forbid, the manager he criticized for a year and a half for sticking by Ramsey), he claimed Ramsey was motivated to improve by his criticism. I'd say that might be a joke, but a joke like that would require some level of self-awareness.

Anyway, evidently Morgan is cool with Ramsey now, because after yesterday's 0-0 draw against Chelsea, he tried to go to give Ramsey a presumably congratulatory handshake. Ramsey was having none of it.

According to Morgan, the response was the almost painfully Ramsey-ish "I don't think I want to do that." Could have been better, but that's pretty cold. I'm a fan.