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Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea: Whatever and Ever Amen

Well, that was a whole lot of nothing.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Arsenal played well against a Chelsea side that were set up not to lose, and despite a late flurry from the Arsenal front, the Blues achieved their goal and secured a 0-0 draw. Whatever faint hope that Arsenal had left of winning the league probably went out the window -- a win here was necessary if that were to be at all realistic, and even then probably not -- but the one point secured will help try to stay ahead of the Manchester sides for second place.

There's honestly not a ton to say about the game, as chances weren't exactly springing up all over the place. Probably the biggest talking point will be the refereeing, as both teams had pretty good penalty cases overturned. For Chelsea it came in the first half, as Oscar tried to lob a shot over David Ospina as Ospina came rushing out to try to punch the ball before he could get a touch. Oscar put the shot on goal (thankfully, Hector Bellerin was there to clear off the line) and Ospina hit him hard. It was maybe a judgement call, but I can say pretty safely that if it had been Thibault Cortois and Mesut Ozil coming together like that, I'd have wanted the penalty given. Oscar had to leave the game, and it's almost assured that he was concussed. He inexplicably finished the half. Once again, the concussion protocol needs work.

Arsenal's call to the referee was a bit more clear-cut. Gary Cahill went low in an attempt to block a Santi Cazorla shot, and pretty clearly stopped the shot with his hand. I'm not really sure how this didn't get called, but it was nice at least to see bad calls going both ways, I suppose.

The table is a bit of a mess at the moment, as both Chelsea and Arsenal have two games one game (live table my ass, Premier League) in hand on the rest of the league at the moment. Arsenal technically are in third place right now, but are only one point behind Manchester City, who scored late to beat Aston Villa yesterday but also have played two more games. Arsenal are one point ahead of Manchester United, who (somewhat surprisingly) lost to Everton 3-0 at Goodison Park just before Arsenal's game. So that's all good! Arsenal play next in a week and a day, so we can rest up and wait for that.