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Cannon Fodder: Allez!

What's going on these days?

sorry man I had to do it
sorry man I had to do it
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images


Jordan Henderson is going nowhere except the bank, after signing a £100,000/week contract at Liverpool.

Jack Grealish is the latest Premier League player to get caught huffing laughing gas.

From the Question That Nobody Asked department, Rafa Benitez will not be coming back to England for the Manchester City job, says Rafa Benitez.

Remember when everyone thought Michu was the next big thing?

Arsene Wenger wants people to be nice to Cesc on Sunday, please.


It's basically the usual suspects in the Champions League semi finals, which is something that UEFA seems to think might need changing.

Greece may be banned from international competition if they can't get their domestic league problems under control (H/T apos for this one)

Lionel Messi is a quiet guy.


Montreal was so very close to a historic win last night, instead settling for a draw after an 88th minute equalizer in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League final at the Azteca in Mexico City. Still a great result, though, and Montreal will definitely feel confident going into the home leg in front of 60,000 of their own fans on the 29th at Olympic Stadium.

The guy who wrote Soccernomics thinks MLS is going to fail. Unfortunately, to make his case, he built a bad argument on very flawed premises.

What is Yankee Stadium like as a soccer venue?

According to Twitter, Arsenal is the most popular club in the US.