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Cannon Fodder: Monday

what in the world (of soccer) is going on?

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Hi there!
Hi there!
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Reading's Adam Federici was a huge part of why Saturday's game ended only 2-1. Unfortunately, that's not what he'll be remembered for. His manager Steve Clark, however, has Federici's back. And presumably not in the way that chairmen have manager's backs, which would mean Federici gets fired today.

With Chelsea's under-18 team set to play in the FA Youth Cup final today, Jose Mourinho trumpets the success of Chelsea's youth policy. But the fact remains that it's been 15 years since a Chelsea youth player became a regular player for Chelsea.

Who is the best old player in the Premier League this year?

A whole bunch of people thought it'd be best to skip the Newcastle-Tottenham game. They weren't wrong.


Lionel Messi scored his 400th goal this weekend. Not of the weekend, of his career.

Gareth Bale injured himself and will miss Real Madrid's second leg against Atletico Madrid.

Armed invaders killed eight people at a supporters' club in Sao Paulo this weekend.

Sepp Blatter is convinced the Russia World Cup will be the "best ever".


The MLS Western Conference is still ridiculously tight, with Vancouver still at the top but eight teams within seven points of the Whitecaps.

The Timbers uglied their way to a win last night at Yankee Stadium, which is a horrible place to see a soccer game.

Despite that horrible setting for soccer, it could be argued that finally having a team in NYC could help MLS get where they want to go, status- and growth-wise.

Jurgen Klinsmann's job is bigger than just coaching the men's senior team. He's trying to build a philosophy and a consistent style across the entire US men's program.

'Murcans don't like the soccer.