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Lukas Podolski thinks his Arsenal future is brighter than it is

The German international, currently on loan at Inter, believes he can start at Arsenal next season. In other news, Lukas Podolski has strong convictions about his Arsenal future.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Remember Lukas Poldoksi? Seems like it's been awhile since we last talked about him on these pages, but here we are this morning covering him on our front page. Why? Well, let's have Podolski explain it:

‘When I go back (to Arsenal) I think I have the chance to play there,’ he told Sportsmail.

‘I have one year left so well will see what happens. I feel very well at the club and with my teammates as well. I had a great two and a half years; I scored a lot of goals there and had a lot of assists.

‘The first six months of the season were not easy, that’s why I changed clubs. But now I’m ready.’

Arsene Wenger, upon hearing Podolski's comments:

Wenger bottle

Look, Podolski seems like a great guy and teammate to have around the locker room. He's also an extremely left-footed striker who fell down Wenger's depth chart over a year ago, who nearly got sold had it not been for Olivier Giroud's injury at Everton at the beginning of this season. Unless we're all missing something here, Podolski has no future at Arsenal.

What this could be is Podolski forcing Arsenal's hand in getting his future sorted out sooner rather than later. I'm sure Arsene didn't read these comments and think "Oh, yeah, Podolski. No need to buy an attacking player this summer. That settles it." No, it was probably similar to the GIF above. If anything, if Wenger hasn't been on the phone to Podolski's agent prior to his departure to Inter, telling him to find another club willing to take him on, these comments today did.