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Cannon Fodder: Predictable Scorelines

Soccer. Bullet points. What else do you need?

that is some hair, son
that is some hair, son
Dave Thompson/Getty Images


Tragically, horrifically awful news: the 1985 Bradford fire may not have been an accident.

Why is David de Gea so good?

Gary Neville thinks Manchester United are a mere three players away from title contention.

This woman gets rivalries.


Not sure if you heard, but Jurgen Klopp is leaving Dortmund. He probably won't end up at Manchester City.

Juventus and Barcelona look poised to head to the Champions League semifinals.

There is no easier design job in sport than that of the Real Madrid home shirt designer. White shirt, club badge, sponsor logo, done.


US 2, Mexico 0. It's just what they do.

Here's Landon Donovan, mending fences with the US team and speaking highly of MLS.

This year's MLS All-Star Game in Denver (well, Commerce City, anyway) will feature the best players in MLS going up against a team of work-release candidates and other less fortunate individuals.