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FA Cup semi-final draw to follow Arsenal-United match

In a twist on things, the FA will pair the Wembley-bound teams after rather than before today's match.

Tonight, we'll find out who stands in the way of this playing out again.
Tonight, we'll find out who stands in the way of this playing out again.
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

So, even though we're emerging from an FA Cup weekend in which only one of the six teams who played managed to score, we'll learn by days' end what the match-ups are for the FA Cup semi-finals.

The draw for the FA Cup semis will take place at the conclusion of this evening's Arsenal vs. Manchester United marquee matchup (game starts at 3:45 pm Eastern Daylight Time, since we're in that window where Americans have turned clocks forward and their British counterparts haven't). The numbers to look for are as follows:

1. Liverpool or Blackburn Rovers (to be decided on Tuesday, April 7 at Blackburn)

2. Bradford or Reading (to be decided on Monday, March 16, at Reading's higher-quality pitch, in that it's not a bog with chalk lines drawn on it)

3. Manchester United or Arsenal (either getting decided this evening, obviously, or getting attended to at the Emirates in a few weeks' time)

4. Aston Villa (who won its match Saturday and responded with the sober demeanor you'd expect from a Premier League side moving on in a tournament)

The semi-final matches will be held on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19, and the final will be played on Saturday, May 30.