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Gabriel and his hamstring out for three weeks

A small blow but a blow nonetheless

Don't look so worried
Don't look so worried
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Often, when you move to a new job, your new employer will give you something - a piece of corporate swag like a coffee mug or a shirt, at least, and sometimes your coworkers will take you out to lunch in order to get to know you a little and help you integrate into your workgroup that little bit faster and/or better. I have gotten the aforementioned mugs, I've gotten pen/pencil sets, t-shirts, one time I even got a paperweight. Point is, new jobs often come with free gifts.

At Arsenal, their idea of a free gift is apparently a three week injury layoff, which is what Arsenal gave to Gabriel after he twanged his hamstring last weekend.

Come to think of it, it's less a welcome gift than a gang initiation, given the injurious nature of it - maybe Arsenal's injury problems stem from them jumping in new players instead of giving them coffee mugs or shirts. Stop the violence, Arsenal.