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Cannon Fodder: Agreement

Soccer in bullet point form!

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Manchester United's Jonny Evans says he did not spit at Newcastle's Papiss Cisse following an incident between the two. There are some who think spitting is the worst thing you can do on the pitch. Let's talk about all the bad things and rank them!

In news that is certain to delight and thrill Arsenal fans everywhere, Arsene Wenger thinks he may have found the solution at CDM for Arsenal.

Luis Suarez is coming back to Anfield. For charity.

AFP takes a look at the hometown of Alexis Sanchez. (H/T to Nathaniel Perlow for this one)


Paul Pogba's staying put. Apparently.

Forget a single team going under because of finances - the entire Turkish league may collapse soon.

Remember when Italian soccer used to be good? If you're a newish soccer fan, you probably don't.


Just in time for tomorrow's season opener, MLS has avoided a strike, agreeing in principle to a new CBA yesterday. The MLS minimum salary got a good bump from $36K to $60K, and the salary cap is going to be raised 15% this year and 7% a year each year of the CBA, to a maximum of $4.7 million by 2019, but the big "win" for the players, in a CBA that saw the owners' side of the table generally prevail, is that free agency - previously thought to be a non-starter for ownership - has taken its first baby steps towards existence.

It's not comprehensive - free agency will only be granted to players who are at least 28 years old and have eight years of MLS service - but considering that it was an issue that the owners wouldn't even countenance two weeks ago, it's something.

Still, a fair number of players were not happy with the deal or the process.

SBN has put together an MLS season preview, now that there's going to be a season. Not bad for one day's work, SBN! (I kid)