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Weekend internationals open thread

Watching all the action this weekend? Talk about it here!

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

It's Interlull weekend, that weekend when I get a breather from soccer but when most everyone else watches various international qualifiers and friendlies. I mostly spend these weekends hoping no Arsenal players get hurt; speaking of, there aren't a lot of details about the limping off of Danny Welbeck right now, other than this mention of a "knee injury" picked up in yesterday's game. Ulp.

There are a whole bunch of games this weekend; there are both qualifying and friendly games in Europe and South America, and after those are done, you could roll right into watching a full evening's slate of MLS games before calling it a night tonight, resting up, and diving back into tomorrow's qualifying slate (and the big Steven Gerrard vs Jamie Carragher Dueling Elevens All-Star Match).

If all that sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend, Here's how to watch pretty much whatever game floats your game-watchin' boat.