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Sunday games important to Arsenal's fortunes: How to watch

Now there's a 2 percent chance Arsenal can win the title. Two percent!

For 90 minutes today, you totally approve of this.
For 90 minutes today, you totally approve of this.
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

If there really is a two percent chance that Arsenal can now win the title, as our post-match comment thread had it yesterday, that narrowly-widened door could start opening further today.

In mere minutes, Chelsea will host Southampton in a match that, if it goes the Saints' way, could suddenly make the Premier League race an interesting three-horse race in the season's final weeks. Currently, Chelsea sits on 63 points and still has a game in hand (vs. Leicester) to be made up in April. Manchester City, after its surprise loss to Burnley, remain on 58 points and in second place in the standings. And Arsenal, on a pretty incredible run of form, are just a point behind City at 57.

So, clearly, Arsenal fans will want to root for Southampton today, who desperately need points to stay in the Champions League places conversation. That match starts at 9:30 am ET (on NBCSN, for American viewers), and Chelsea's going with what's arguably their best 11.

At noon ET (also on NBCSN for American viewers), Spurs come to Old Trafford for a key match with Manchester United. If United wins, they keep pace with Arsenal in the race for third -- though, as we've mentioned in earlier articles, United has an unusually difficult stretch of matches they'll have to get results in if they want to keep pace with the top three. United is currently in 4th on 53 points; Spurs are in 6th on 50 points, looking up at 5th-place Liverpool and its 51 points. Do what you will with that terrible knowledge. Maybe a draw? A draw would do some good things for Arsenal's fortunes. (By the way, Liverpool travels to Swansea on Monday evening to extend the narrative.)