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Ox, hamstring out for up to 4 weeks

Good news? Bad news? Who knows. News!

Have a good rest. We'll need you in April/May.
Have a good rest. We'll need you in April/May.
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The news we were all not looking forward to and yet knew was coming is here. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will miss about four weeks with a small hamstring tear - it's reported as the "least serious tear on the spectrum", but it's still a hamstring tear, still requires rest, and still means he'll miss anywhere from three weeks to a month or so.

If he's on the early side of that schedule, though, that puts him on track to be back and available for the Liverpool game on April 4; I wouldn't necessarily hold my breath for that one, but it's always nice to dream. The convenient thing is, next week's Monaco game aside, Arsenal's next games are against West Ham and Newcastle, two games in which Arsenal can probably afford to be Oxless without too much worry.

Still, Ox, get well soon...preferably on the early end of that "three to four week" spectrum.