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Bellerin signs contract, Louis van Gaal still unfamiliar with him

A promising young Gunner signs a long term deal.

Hector, meet Louis. Louis, meet Hector.
Hector, meet Louis. Louis, meet Hector.
Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Exciting news from Camp Gunnersaurus today, as one of Arsenal's younger, brighter stars signed a contract keeping him at Arsenal until 2019:

When asked for comment, Louis van Gaal just sorta shrugged and said "great" before walking away confused.

Now, sure, this is only one tweet from one journalist, but Kike Marin is generally a solid, reliable source; still, the usual caveats apply, and we'll update this story with a link from the mothership when one is available. This is good news, though, as the club clearly see Bellerin as a key piece in a defense that has had its ups and downs this season and last.

The other side of this story, though, is whither Carl Jenkinson? Having locked up Bellerin, and having Calum Chambers also at RB, does that mean that Jenks stays at West Ham permanently, or is Arsene's singularity of positional vision focused on stacking up every right back in the league?