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Louis van Gaal doesn't know who Hector Bellerin is

He's disrespected #Hector2015, and we shan't stand for it.

NOT PICTURED: a second yellow card
NOT PICTURED: a second yellow card
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Remember yesterday when Arsenal beat Manchester United at Old Trafford? That was fun. Well, it was fun for us -- not so much for the Red Devils and their fans, who had to endure an un-Fergusonian number of Actual Calls Going Against Them At Home. One such call was Hector Bellerin not getting a second yellow for a challenge on Ashley Young (rightly so, I might add).

Sometimes managers get asked about refereeing decisions, and after the game United boss was asked about this one.

Luckily for you, the reader, we here at The Short Fuse were able to obtain exclusive video of Bellerin and van Gaal meeting after the game.

No word yet on whether anyone ended up checking into the Smackdown Hotel.