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FACTS ONLY: The Original St. Totteringham's Day

In the first of a recurring series, we look at FACTS ONLY.

I know which one I'd rather have
I know which one I'd rather have
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Everyone who follows Arsenal should know by now what St. Totteringham's Day is. For those who may not, it's a simple concept - it's the annual holiday celebrating the day on which it is mathematically impossible for the Angry Pigeons to finish ahead of Arsenal in the league table.

Some years, that holiday is later than others; some years, admittedly, it does not happen. But thankfully those years are rare; the last time there was no St. Totts day was 1994-95, when Arsenal finished in 12th place while that other lot finished in 7th. Since then, though, every year has seen all the children write their St. Totteringhams Day letters to St. Dennis, and be justly rewarded with the celebration of England's favorite and most amazing holiday.

The reason I bring this up today, when we're at least two weeks away from this year's St. Totts, is that today, March 10th, is the date in 1919 when Arsenal were elected to the First Division, a position they've never relinquished. So today marks the anniversary of the first of 64 wonderful occasions of Arsenal claiming their rightful place at the top of the North London football hierarchy.

So let them have their occasional league victory; let them have all the February bragging rights they want. What we have is more enduring, and is more befitting a club with ambition. We have dominance.

This has been your March 10 edition of FACTS ONLY.