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Arsenal vs. Tottenham: Arsenal Sings!

We found something and had to share it. You're welcome, world.

hash tag banter face
hash tag banter face
Miles Willis/Getty Images

Sun Studios.
The Brill Building.
United Sound Systems.
Sound City.
Electric Ladyland.
Muscle Shoals.

All amazing, legendary places that created amazing, legendary music.  The Short Fuse is...well, it's none of those places, let's be honest. But, in a dusty corner of the Arsenal open top bus from last year's FA Cup parade, we found a crumpled up scrap of paper that had some writing on it. It looked like it was written by a drunk person, so it took some time to decipher, and the paper was torn so it's not complete.  However, we figured it needed to be shared, so, just in time for tomorrow, we can now present the the first verse of what we're calling...


Welcome to your match
There's no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will win, you're
Acting like a bunch of wankers
Running round until we spank you
Everybody wants to beat down Spurs

H/T to Tears For Fears.