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Could Alexis play in tomorrow's North London derby after all?

Arsene Wenger closed the door on his inclusion yesterday. Today, he slightly left the door ajar.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Yesterday, Arsene Wenger addressed the media and ruled out Alexis Sanchez for tomorrow's North London derby match at Tottenham, and said he's far more likely to make next Tuesday's match versus Leicester City.

However, Wenger left open the possibility today that Alexis might make the squad after all (emphasis mine):

"It is not easy to tell him he is not playing," Wenger said. "He wants to play. He is very keen. He feels he can even defy the medical people because he is so keen to play.

"He will train today and we will look at what happens. I need medical advice on that and I need to see what he can do in training. Sanchez for me is out [of the Spurs game], although he wants to have a go, but he is too short."

It's an interesting situation to be in. On one hand, Alexis could use the rest after playing nearly three months' straight in every match. The race to 3rd/4th place in the EPL won't be decided tomorrow, and a fully healthy Alexis is much better than a not-quite healthy Alexis.

But on the other hand, here's the table. Since Tottenham home loss to Stoke City on November 9th, they have yet to lose in the league at home and have only lost once in the last 11 matches in all competitions at White Hart Lane. Having Alexis would absolutely help Arsenal in their quest to come out of tomorrow's match with at least a point in hand.

What do you think? Is it worth risking Alexis' health tomorrow, or should Wenger rest him as he works his way back to full health?