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Even Google thinks Tottenham are crap

Just your typical pre-match North London derby banter

those are dung beetles, you see
those are dung beetles, you see
Warren Little/Getty Images

When it comes to clubs I dislike the most, it's still Tottenham for me and probably always will be - Jose Mourinho and Chelsea regardless. The days leading up to the North London derby are always exciting and very stressful for me since I love this match more than any others. Yet I dread thinking about, and actually tuning into, the match itself because I constantly worry how it's going to turn out. I love talking mess and making jokes about Tottenham, and North London derby weeks provides me an appropriate avenue for them all to come out.

I've somehow managed to go the entire week without saying or typing up something bad or negative about Tottenham. Which usually takes a monumental effort on my account to do.

That is, until today.

All thanks goes to Google UK for this easter egg embedded in their highly-popular Google Maps application. If you type in "The Shithole" in the search function (this will be more effective if you zoom into London), something magical appears.

You're welcome. Oh, and one more thing.

♪ ♫ We won the league at Shite Hart Lane.♫ ♪