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Arsenal vs. Everton: Match Preview

The Toffees come to town as Arsenal try to put Wednesday behind them.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Arsenal vs. Everton
English Premier League
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Emirates Stadium, London
League Form: ARS Side Two of Cheap Trick at Budokan | EVE Side Two of the Allman Brothers' Eat A Peach
US TV: NBC Sports Network | Worldwide TV info:

Well, here we are, three days after That Game. That Game is now over, and I'm putting it away. It's time to focus on the league again, and to that end, here comes Everton.

Everton, of course, are the only English survivor in the Europa League, having beaten Young Boys of Bern (PHRASING!) on Thursday to advance in that competition. The league, however, is a different story; after finishing fifth last year, Everton currently sit in 12th place, a victim of injuries, Thursday night football, and Tim Howard not being as Tim Howardy as he has been in recent years.

They're still a threat, though, with Romelu Lukaku leading the attack - the battle between him and Per Mertesacker will be very interesting to watch. I hope I mean "interesting" in the sense that Mertesacker rebounds and has a great game, and not in the sense that Lukaku will destroy him.

Arsenal come into this game with both Wilshere and Ramsey unavailable, but otherwise with no new physical damage from the Monaco match. So that's good.

I honestly have no idea what to expect from this game. The Sports Cliche Generator says that Arsenal will want to prove they're better than Wednesday night and will destroy Everton; the Arsenal of the last few weeks, though, tells me this will be a tougher game than it should be. I think Arsenal have enough to win; I hope they use what they have.