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Arsenal injury news: Wilshere setback, Ramsey is close

Well, it could be worse!

"sup, girl"
"sup, girl"
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Guess what, guys! Jack Wilshere is hurt again! That's just one of the nuggets we got from Arsene Wenger's team news press conference today, ahead of the weekend's match against Everton.

He evidently had two "buttons" on his ankle that were bothering him, and had a minor procedure to get them removed. It was planned for the end of the season, but I guess why do tomorrow what you can do today? According to the manager he'll only be out "a few days...not weeks," but while Wenger says it's not a setback, that's not technically true because he's supposed to have been available for like the last three games, and he's now going to miss another. So...setback. I decree it.

The good news is that over the next couple of days, Aaron Ramsey will be coming back into full training, so hopefully he'll be ready either for the QPR game next week or the FA Cup match against Manchester United immediately after. It'd be nice to have him back. In other less-good-but-still-reasonably-good news, Mathieu Flamini is also returning to training over the same time frame. I didn't realize he was even injured, but welcome back, I guess!

Other good news: despite the rest of the Monaco match being an unmitigated disaster (aside from The OC scoring, I guess), there were no new injuries suffered.

Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Debuchy are a few weeks away still, which means based on how the year has gone for both so far, we're a few weeks plus one week away from both finding out what their new long-term injuries are.