IKTS Weeks 26 and 27 (Again)

I'm sure you have noticed the huge IKTS post that serves as a repository for your picks during the month of February while sluellwitz is off on break. What you may not have noticed is that the comments for that post are now closed. That presents a bit of a problem for those of us (like myself) who have been posting the week of the matches. I decided that I wanted my points would amend the situation by creating a post for us last-minute posters.

Week 26

Saturday, February 21st

15:00 Aston Villa vs Stoke

15:00 Chelsea vs Burnley

15:00 Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

15:00 Hull vs QPR

15:00 Sunderland vs West Bromwich Albion

15:00 Swansea vs Manchester United

17:30 Manchester City vs Newcastle United

Sunday, February 22nd

12:00 Tottenham vs West Ham

14:05 Everton vs Leicester

16:15 Southampton vs Liverpool

Cup Match

Wednesday, February 25th

19:45 Arsenal vs Monaco

Week 27

Saturday, February 28th

12:45 West Ham vs Crystal Palace

15:00 Stoke vs Hull

15:00 West Bromwich Albion vs Southampton

15:00 Burnley vs Swansea

15:00 Manchester United vs Sunderland

15:00 Newcastle United vs Aston Villa

17:30 Leicester vs Chelsea

Sunday, March 1st

12:00 Liverpool vs Manchester City

14:05 QPR vs Tottenham

14:05 Arsenal vs Everton


Aston Villa Stoke

Chelsea Burnley

Crystal Palace Arsenal

Hull QPR

Sunderland West Bromwich Albion

Swansea Manchester United

Manchester City Newcastle United

Tottenham West Ham

Everton Leicester

Southampton Liverpool

Arsenal Monaco

West Ham Crystal Palace

Stoke Hull

West Bromwich Albion Southampton

Burnley Swansea

Manchester United Sunderland

Newcastle United Aston Villa

Leicester Chelsea

Liverpool Manchester City

QPR Tottenham

Arsenal Everton