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Le10Sport says Arsenal in for Southampton midfielder

If they're to be trusted - a big if - Arsene Wenger might not be quite done...

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Clive Mason/Getty Images

Part of the fun and absurdity of Deadline Day these days is that any rumor can crop up thanks to social media and the internet. All it takes is throwing something out there for the masses to consume with little initial thought given to the source reporting it.

In this case, we have French media outlet Le10Sport saying Arsenal and Southampton are in the process of working out a deal for Morgan Schneiderlin before the window closes tonight, with the Saints looking at Benfica's Filip Djuricic on loan for the remainder of the season.

Of course, Having Schneiderlin is definitely better than Not Having Schneiderlin, but why not trust this rumor? For starters, Le10Sport is basically a French tabloid who's more about the exposure they gain for themselves than upholding any sort of journalistic integrity. If this were a far more trusted resource that's proven more credible than not in the past, then there'd be much more consideration given.

A more trusted source, Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph, is reporting that - shocker - Southampton won't let Schneiderlin leave before the end of the season. So before you start rushing to get your new Arsenal shirt with Schneiderlin's name on the back, consider Wilson's reporting first.

But alas, we're stuck with the French version of The Sun saying Schneiderlin to Arsenal is in the works when, given absence of other information, they're not to be trusted when they're the only source reporting such a move.