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The Magic Of The Cup: Arsenal's QF Game Magically Appears On A Monday

Just when you think soccer sticks with its traditions, TV intervenes.

To be honest, I'm more annoyed about the salmon-colored balls
To be honest, I'm more annoyed about the salmon-colored balls
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

TV rules sports. We know this. The Premier League just signed a deal worth more than the GDP of several Central American countries combined. One thing that money brings the TV companies is power over scheduling; it's no surprise that games get moved from time to time on a day to suit broadcast needs, or even that matches move from one day to a different day.

Well, today we found out that Arsenal's FA Cup quarterfinal match against Manchester United, unsurprisingly, is being moved at the behest of telly vision. It's being moved to...a Monday, March 9th.  I'm no hidebound traditionalist - hell, I'd love to see a 10PM London time kickoff so I don't have to deal with this early morning kickoff garbage any more - but having a Cup game on a Monday night is a bit odd.

"Odd" does not rise to the level of "get really mad at" - ultimately, I don't care, because I'll be doing what I always do for midweek games, and keeping an eye on it from work - but it is A Bit Of News, so here we are, giving you all the same Bit Of News. Do with that what you will.