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Tuesday Morning Cannon Fodder

It's been a week. What's going on?

shot face
shot face
Paul Gilham/Getty Images


The FA Cup concluded its fifth round this weekend, and here's a roundup of what you may have missed.

Somewhat understandably, chairmen and officials of lower league sides see a downside to the Premier League's massive new TV deal.

Arsenal sell out, or come close to it, most weeks. But overall, Premier League attendance is stagnating.

This is what entitlement sounds like when it has a bad day.


"I'm not racist, but here is a racist thing I want to say".

The Bundesliga, many people's model of how to run a league, is considering changing how they set up their schedule in order to lap up more of that sweet, sweet television money.

The Champions League is back this week. Get caught up here.


Nike has rolled out new uniforms for US Soccer. The women's team will wear them first, but all US teams will be sporting them this year.

Indy Eleven are well on their way to getting a new stadium.

Which is good, because lower division soccer may be all the professional soccer US fans see for a while.