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Arsenal Ladies Sign Chioma Ubogagu

The Stanford standout heads home to London.

First things first, don't worry about pronunciation, we are going to stick with Chi. Perhaps we can go with Chi Chi to go with Short Fuse favorite Danielle Carter's "Dan Dan" nickname. We'll see. Anyway, after signing midfield maestro Vicky Losada in January the Arsenal have signed their second player of 2015.

Let's all give a warm welcome to Chi. The forward was actually born in London before moving to Texas, so this is a homecoming of sorts. According to the announcement by Arsenal, Chi has been a "lifelong Arsenal supporter" so I think she should fit in quite nicely. With her dual citizenship Ubogagu decided to play for the US of A and helped the USWNT U-20 squad to the U-20 Women's World Cup title back in 2012.

Ubogagu just finished her senior season at Stanford, where she tallied 27 total goals over her career and 37 assists, which is good for fourth all time in school history. This past season she was the team captain, and helped lead her squad to the Women's College Cup. For those of you that don't follow college soccer, the College Cup is basically the Final Four of soccer. It's a big deal. Also, for further clarification, Stanford is considered one of the power houses of women's college soccer. Also a big deal. Following this logic, one can infer that Chi is, in fact, a big deal. Got that?

It's worth noting that the forward was selected in the recent 2015 NWSL draft. Sky Blue FC picked her 28th overall, which was the first pick of the fourth round. Apparently at the time Sky Blue's staff understood that Ubogagu wasn't a guarantee and that she was in talks with a FAWSL side. Looks like that side was Arsenal.

Chi should be an excellent addition to the team. She's pretty clutch in crunch time, and is particularly excellent at pressuring teams' defenses and capitalizing on chaos inside the six yard box. Some call that poaching, but who are we to judge if the ball goes in the back of the net? A welcome addition to the forward corps, let's give Chi some love.