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Wednesday Morning Cannon Fodder: Money, Tim Sherwood, and Ronaldo's birthday ennui

What's going on in the soccer world today? Let's find out!

"happy birthday, overlooked middle child"
"happy birthday, overlooked middle child"
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images


At a time when there's more money in the English game than ever before, the head of the Premier League - the body that is the recipient of almost all of that money -  doesn't seem to believe that non-playing club employees like stewards and concession stand workers deserve a living wage.

Fortune magazine asks the question I've asked for years.

QPR is still managerless after talks with both Tim Sherwood and Michael Laudrup ended without agreement.


Real Madrid's plans to renovate the Bernabeu have hit a snag.

AC Milan have accused Juventus of doctoring TV graphics to convince people Carlos Tevez was onside for Juve's first goal (Daily Mail, but via Do Not Link so they don't get clicks for it)

Cristiano Ronaldo is not allowed to celebrate his birthday, apparently.


One of the terms of David Beckham's playing contract gave him the right, after he retired as a player, to buy into MLS ownership at a discount. He wanted to put a team in Miami, but couldn't agree with the city on a stadium site, so the deal appeared dead. Now, though, a new site has emerged as a candidate and may get Miami back in the discussion.

Landon Donovan seems to be enjoying his retirement.

MLS and the MLS Players' Union are still as far apart on the one key issue remaining - free agency - as ever, and neither side is giving in. The season is supposed to start March 7. Nobody seems to think it will.