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REPORT: Julio Pleguezuelo has an Arsenal contract extension in hand

The prized youth defender is rumored to have a contract extension ready to sign, according to a familiar Arsenal source on these sort of matters

David Ramos/Getty Images

Kike Marin, a figure that's either loved or loathed in Arsenal circles, reported a few minutes ago that Arsenal youth center back Julio Pleguezuelo has an Arsenal contract extension in hand and is awaiting his signature:

Just like Hector Bellerin, Cesc Fabregas, and a few others before him, Pleguezuelo moved to Arsenal from Barcelona's famed La Masia in 2013. After signing his first professional contract with Arsenal in 2014, Pleguezuelo has featured for the U18s, the UEFA Youth League U19 side, and the U21s.

This season, the 17 year-old Pleguezuelo has routinely trained with the first team, leading many observers close to the club to believe Arsene Wenger values the Spaniard's long-term prospects at Arsenal.

The club, or for that matter any other credible source, has yet to comment on this matter, so up till then we're going to closely monitor this story until further confirmation.