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Friday/Weekend Cannon Fodder and Open Thread

Just because other stuff isn't Arsenal stuff doesn't mean we can't talk about it. Other teams, sports, movies, books, video games, hobbies, you name it!

Just like Cannon Fodder, devastatingly handsome people discussing important things
Just like Cannon Fodder, devastatingly handsome people discussing important things
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Friday! In a surprisingly news-filled week (even if much of that news is just agents trying to get their clients raises by linking them to Arsenal), we're back with another edition of Cannon Fodder. Feel free to use this as a place to discuss the weekend's Premier League action as it unfolds and to let us know what else you've got going on that you'd like to talk about.

Kind of special announcement! Starting in the next week or so, I'm going to be trying to transform Cannon Fodder from solely a home for off-topic comments to that in addition to a daily (or semi-daily) linkdump of interesting things from around the footballing world. This can include our own pieces, other Arsenal opinion stuff, and things covering varying aspects of the game. A good example: this piece about TruSox (socks! I know!) is really good and something you should read, irrespective of your feelings on the author of that particular piece. Another example: if you still haven't read the Boss' great interview with L'Equipe Sport and Style, do it! If you see anything interesting out there after the Cannon Fodder goes to print, feel free to leave it in the comments!

Hopefully this is exciting to the few of you who read the stuff above the comments in the Cannon Fodder pieces - and hopefully those of you who don't read above the comments will soon have reason to do so!

So have at it! As long as it isn't religion or politics, feel free to talk about whatever's on your mind. Any late-year movie releases you're excited about? I hear there's one about battles in space coming out soon that people are talking about.