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Mathieu Flamini named one of 2015's people of the year

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I'm still not over this.

the two smartest people at Arsenal
the two smartest people at Arsenal
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

As we all know by now, Mathieu Flamini has transcended the sport of soccer. He's not just an athlete, he's a business, man. He and his business partner (and probably the person who's doing most of the real work) started a company to mass produce levulinic acid, a substance that can supposedly replace oil as fuel, and is helping spearhead a $30 billion industry.

So I suppose that it should be no surprise that Flamini should be named one of NME's 2015 People of the Year. Well, now it's not a surprise. If you'd told me twelve months ago that it happened, I probably would have assumed something awful had happened.

Anyway, congratulations to Flam on his latest major award. I'll just be over here dreaming of the day I can drive a LA-powered clean car, pointing and shouting at other drivers for being poorly positioned whilst driving 15mph over the speed limit and swerving like a lunatic myself.