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Petr Cech, record breaker

In which we learn a bit more about Arsenal's #1 keeper.

Cech mate
Cech mate
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

As you no doubt know, Petr Cech set a Premier League record yesterday with his 170th clean sheet, eclipsing David James' record, which had stood since 2010. An impressive run, for sure, but even more impressive is the attitude of the man himself, both about the record and overall.

In September, when he had held Stoke City scoreless, it was made known that he had tied the record with his 169th clean sheet, but it turns out that he hadn't; if you believe him, he miscounted:

Either way, he tied the record against Villa, and broke it yesterday. Speaking after the game, he said

"I feel really proud because I believe that this is the best league in the world and one of the most difficult leagues to play for a goalkeeper, and so to have achieved such a record is a great personal achievement," Cech said.

"What makes me happy the most, probably, is that these clean sheets have so far brought four Premier League trophies. So, hopefully, we will add clean sheets this season and we will celebrate at the end of the season. This is far more important."

Probably the best part about Cech, though, is that he just seems like a cool dude. Talking about Cech's personality and attitude yesterday, Arsenal's former player and goalkeeper coach Bob Wilson had this to say:

"Petr is a special guy," Wilson said. "D'you know what he did after the Southampton defeat on Boxing Day? He went into the away end, gave his gloves to one of the fans and said sorry to them. I'm just delighted that he's got this record."

So not only did Arsenal get a good keeper, they got a class act as well. Congrats on your record, Petr, and hopefully we'll get you a trophy with red and white ribbons on it at the end of this season.