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Petr Čech sets Premier League clean sheet record

He's probably the best goalkeeper in England, at least since 1992.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Čech earned a clean sheet today in the club's 2-0 defeat of Bournemouth, which broke his tie with David James atop the historical Premier League charts. Čech's 170th clean sheet was also his eighth in the league for Arsenal since joining the club from Chelsea over the summer.

Čech has a very good argument to be the best goalkeeper in the league's history, and not just because of the numbers he's accumulated. He's also done it at a faster rate than anyone else in the Premier League – it took Čech only 351 appearances to reach the top of the peak. James made 572 appearances in the league in the course of tallying his 169 clean sheets.

Petr Čech also has three of the top ten clean sheet streaks in Premier League history, which is something that I learned from looking at Wikipedia. They all, of course, came while he was playing for Chelsea. Here's hoping Čech does some more cool stuff this year and beyond to put that awkward blue phase farther in the rearview mirror.