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Arsenal vs. Bournemouth: Preview, viewing info

Let's try this again.

Please do better
Please do better
Christopher Lee/Getty Images

I am on record as hating the holiday fixture season. It's unnecessarily crowded, it could easily be turned into a break with a couple tweaks to the schedule, and it's just generally a hot mess that is more anachronistic than interesting. But after the disaster that was yesterday's game, it's also a great chance for Arsenal to fix what went so memorably, horribly wrong and not have to spend a week lingering over the Southampton result.

One of the only bright lights is that nobody else got hurt yesterday; otherwise, things will need to be put right in a big damn hurry against a Bournemouth side who have won three of their last four and who fought Crystal Palace to a tight 0-0 draw yesterday, with their defense, rather obviously, carrying the day. Arsenal's defense was problematic yesterday for the first time in a while; hopefully that is not a repeatable skill, otherwise things could get ugly fast.

The best thing to do is forget that yesterday happened and set things right tomorrow; easier said than done, but again, the tight turnaround might actually be a good thing for once.

Arsenal v. Bournemouth
English Premier League

Emirates Stadium, London

Monday, December 28, 2015
9.30AM PT/12.30 PM ET/5.30PM BT

HOW (to watch):
US: Premier League Extra Time/NBC Sports Live Extra
Worldwide info: