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Rabiot, Kokorin headed to Arsenal?

Get French Football believes that the PSG midfielder and the Dynamo Moscow forward are headed to London in the January transfer window.

Rabiot, in action this summer on American soil.
Rabiot, in action this summer on American soil.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Get French Football is speculating on some doings in the upcoming January transfer window for Arsenal.

The first rumor involves PSG midfielder and French international Adrien Rabiot. Though not the conventional defensive midfielder that Arsenal's been rumored to be in for, the reliablish French website claims that a loan of Rabiot from the Ligue 1 club to Arsenal for the remainder of the '15-'16 season is now the club's "priority" for the January transfer window. Rabiot, who is reportedly looking for more playing time in advance of the Euro 2016 tournament, is also allegedly being pursued by Juventus. (Rabiot would, of course, be cup-tied to PSG for Arsenal's upcoming Champions League matches.)

If Rabiot is unavailable, the site lists a trio of more familiar rumors: Southampton's Victor Wanyama, Porto's Ruben Neves, and Sporting Lisbon's William Carvalho, who once took out two players with one tackle (a clip we like to wheel out from time to time).

The second rumor involves Dynamo Moscow forward and Russian international Aleksander Kokorin, who allegedly will be headed to Arsenal on an already-agreed-upon deal, in case of what the site is calling a "striker injury-crisis." A follow-up tweet indicated that, if Danny Welbeck has another setback in his seemingly-endless recovery from September knee surgery, that would constitute an injury crisis.