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Mesut Ozil will break Thierry Henry's assist record...when?

Let's do a little prognosticatin'

He's very helpful
He's very helpful
Michael Regan/Getty Images

As you may or may not know by now, our very own Mesut Özil is closing in on something pretty amazing:

In short: not only a Premier League record, but a Premier League record held by one Thierry Henry. Sacred, hallowed ground indeed. And here we are in December, with more of the season to go (21 games) than has been played (17), which leads us to a simple question, which is the subject of this post. But before the question, an explanation!

A lot of people misuse the gambling concept of "over/under". An over/under is the number of times someone thinks X will happen, and people can bet on the over, that X will take more times, or the under, that X will take fewer times. It is not a thing to say "I place the O/U on Özil breaking the record at yes", because it's not a yes/no question.

So, the fine gambling, statistical, and time-wasting minds at TSF put their collective heads together, fired up their thinkin' machines, and came up with their very own Mesut Özil Over/Under.

The question is simple: Mesut Özil needs five assists to tie Henry's record, and six to break it. How many more games will it take for Özil to break Henry's Premier League assists record?

We've set the over/under on this at 7.5, because pushes are annoying - we want you all to be winners. Well, we want those of you to be winners who choose the correct side, anyway. Speaking of choosing, here's the TSF staff picks, at least those of who was around when I asked:

Travis: Over

Thomas: Under

Bozz: Over

Joe: Over

Also Named Phil: Under

Aidan: Over

pdb: Over

Chancelor Pele: Over, but hoping to be wrong

beardyblue: Under

Now it's your turn. There's a poll, and if you think our O/U is set incorrectly, set your own down in yonder comments.