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Another baseless rumor: Isco and Jese to Arsenal?

It's not even transfer season, and yet here we are.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Arsenal are crocked. Fully and totally crocked. We know this. And because of this, Arsenal will be "linked" with whatever random player whatever bored journalist pulls out of his Transfer Rumor Generating Hat, so brace yourselves for a long couple months.

Today's fragrant pile of nutty brown BS comes from the Mirror, who claim (well, 'reports' claim, according to the piece) that Arsenal are going to make an audacious double swoop for Isco and Jese in January. Sounds great, right? Sure it does! Who wouldn't want the future of Spanish football?

Well, first of all, Real Madrid still wants them. And it would take a whole lot more than the rumored £35 million to pry Isco away from Real; the article only says "Arsenal are interested". Well, duh. Everyone would be interested, but that doesn't mean Real are interested in selling him - I'm not sure what sort of sources the Mirror has in Spain, but I'm guessing those sources are...oh who are we kidding, the Mirror doesn't have sources in Spain.

Arsenal have a few needs to fill in January, and we all hope they fill some or all of them. Don't, however, get your hopes up that January will see Arsenal sign one of the most promising young players in all of Europe away from one of the richest teams in Europe.

This should serve as your semi-annual reminder to pay very little attention to unsourced rumors.