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Arsenal to feature in main NBC's first-ever Premier League doubleheader

Arsenal's Boxing Day clash will be featured in the very first broadcast of a Premier League doubleheader on the main network.

Jingle all the way, holiday football is almost here
Jingle all the way, holiday football is almost here
Julian Finney/Getty Images

While the other major footballing leagues around the world prepare to take a break that will allow teams to return refreshed and ready for a push to the end of the season, the Premier League is gearing up for another (possibly ill-advised) holiday period stuffed to the brim with matches, sometimes as few as just a couple of days apart. Although some (specifically, I) would say that this period usually is littered with injuries and crappy games from tired players, people seem to enjoy it - and I'm certain it makes the Premier League an embarrassing amount of money, so it's going to keep happening and I should stop being such a Scrooge about it.

With that attitude firmly in mind, I'm very excited to share that Arsenal will be featured in the first-ever Premier League doubleheader to be broadcast on main network NBC. Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, mercifully falls on a Saturday this year. The first leg of the doubleheader will be the 12:30pm ET match at which Newcastle will host Everton, with Arsenal's trip to St. Mary's following at 2:45pm ET.

As discussed over at Awful Announcing, there are some other goodies to keep in mind as well:

– NBCSN brings back Premier League Breakaway, the fantastic soccer version of the RedZone Channel, on December 28th at 10 AM ET.  Five matches will be featured in the window that day led by Watford-Tottenham.

– NBCSN will air a Men in Blazers special at 6 PM ET on December 28th with Rebecca Lowe as a recap of the first half of the EPL season.

– As part of NBC’s new Digital Shorts, will feature a three-part series on newly promoted AFC Bournemouth, looking at their journey towards playing top flight soccer for the first time in club history.

Should be fun! I'm not at all worried about our players' limbs falling off, so bring on the holiday period! *drinks heavily*