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Arsenal now 7th most valuable club in the world, according to recent study

The London School of Marketing published their findings, and things continue to look good for Arsenal's valuation

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Mostly used as an estimation, certain publications and schools release yearly results and studies on who are the most valuable clubs in the world. Today, the London School of Marketing announced the findings of a study conducted to determine their top 20 most valuable clubs in the world, and little ol' Arsenal came in 7th, at £832 million, fourth-highest behind the usual suspects Manchester United (£2.070b), Manchester City (£2.000b), and permanent manager-less Chelsea (£870m).

Like all prior studies and findings conducted and released, these should be taken more for estimations than actual valuations. Forbes' rankings earlier this year had Arsenal valued at $1.31 billion (or roughly £879 million), a little more than what LSM determined.

This really isn't a major indicator of Arsenal's short-term health relative to their counterparts, both within England and aboard. Everyone by now should have a basic understanding of how Arsenal conduct business and grow revenues and, thus, value, and that it could not be any more opposite than the likes of City, United, and leaderless Chelsea.

Regardless of where they fall within their peers, what this and any other study that attempts to determine value should tell you about Arsenal is that they're doing mightily fine with their finances, have a substantial amount of assets under their control, and a leadership structure that encourages stability, growth, and success - both now and in the future.