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Want to know why Mourinho was obsessed with Wenger? Here's why

This is kinda neat.

Not pictured: Jose Mourinho
Not pictured: Jose Mourinho
Michael Regan/Getty Images

We all know how lucky we are to be fans of a team with an amazing manager like Arsene Wenger at the helm, right? Right? Right! With today's firing of The Not Very Special One, we decided to take a look at Arsene Wenger's tenure as it relates to the rest of the league. First, in word form:

And then, for you visual learners, a bar graph showing Arsene Wenger's tenure alongside that of the rest of the Premier League managers:

(HINT: Wenger's on the left)

I don't need to rehash the particulars of Arsene Wenger's awesomeness here - we all know them. We just wanted to give everyone a quick visual reminder of how lucky we are as Arsenal fans to follow a club that doesn't really do the whole manager-go-round thing that is all the rage these days.

Arsenal makes its choices and plans for the long term, not the immediate result, and it pays off in having a club that is well run, well organized, and free of the soap opera dramatics that seem to be the modus operandi for many big clubs these days.