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Danny Welbeck injury setback: not a thing!

Good news!

I'd rather see him playing
I'd rather see him playing
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

News today of Danny Welbeck, currently rehabbing a knee surgery that was initially treated with therapy, then surgery in September after the therapy didn't work. It was thought yesterday that Welbeck, who was scheduled to return to the team in January, had suffered an unknown setback in his recovery from said surgery, but today comes the good news that said setback was as real as Jose Mourinho's compassion for his struggling players.

Welbeck talks in the article about his challenges as he rehabs, and how frustrating it can be to get back to playing shape while essentially on your own, isolated from your team. It's a long road, but Welbeck's doing what he needs to do, and hopefully in January he can show the world why Arsene signed him and why I predicted him to be a 20-goal scorer when he did. I'm not saying he'll score 20 between January and May, but hopefully he can contribute a lot more than he's been able to thus far.