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Mesut Özil may be rested during a very crucial league stretch

While it doesn't appear that the key to Arsenal's success is severely hurting, giving him a rest is something being considered within the club

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The unquestioned player of Arsenal's year, Mesut Özil, might be rested by Arsene Wenger during the crowded holiday fixture list in order to preserve his long-term health.

The Gunners have reason to be cautious: Özil tweaked his calf during the historic win at Olympiacos in the Champions League last week and, while at least one person in this entire world and existence is still unsure how the jury will decide his case, Arsenal cannot afford to miss his talents and influence due to a lengthy injury spell. Further, most of the players that would naturally spell him in his favored number 10 position are out injured, as well. The club's escaped danger in the past plugging square pegs into round holes, but this would be a monumental absence that's virtually irreplaceable.

After that injury scare in Greece, Özil went on to play 86 minutes in their away win at Villa over the weekend. Perhaps because of all this, it might make sense why he's apparently taking advantage of the calendar and escaping for some much-needed rest and relaxation.