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Arsenal vs. Barcelona: Champions League Round of 16 dates announced

Mark your calendars for the 2011 rematch.

From 2011: At least the first leg went well.
From 2011: At least the first leg went well.
David Ramos/Getty Images

Arsenal drew Barcelona in this morning's Champions League Round of 16 draw, and dates have already been announced.

The first leg, at Emirates Stadium, will be played on Tuesday, February 23, and the return leg, at Camp Nou, will be played on Wednesday, March 16.

Fixture-wise, the home match folds into a February schedule that includes an away match at giant-killers Bournemouth on the 6th, a home tie with title rivals Leicester on the 13th, a FA Cup 5th round match on the 20th (provided Arsenal advances), and an away match the 27th at Old Trafford. The away match comes in a March that starts with an odd Tuesday league match on the 1st hosting Swansea, the away edition of the NLD on the 5th, a home match against West Brom on the 12th (unless either team's still in the FA Cup; otherwise, it'll be that), and an away trip to Goodison on the 19th.