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We're going to need a bigger jet: The Short Fuse staffing update

Today is another momentous day in the history of the world's greatest blog.

the TSF jet, seen here ruining the morning of the wealthy
the TSF jet, seen here ruining the morning of the wealthy
Warren Little/Getty Images

Since you all probably care about this less than I think you do, I'm going to get right to it: we have added staff! You probably remember my casting call a while back; this is from that. If you applied and you are not being mentioned in this blog post, that does not mean you have lost out – I am still figuring out what happens from here, and will be in touch with you. Anyway, you know a few of these fine people, but you do not know all of them.


  • 3k
  • beardyblue
  • AlsoNamedPhil
  • Johnny Wakefield
  • Chancelorpele
Please honor them as your own, and do no ill towards them. Your boy beardyblue is also going to be helping out with social media stuff, which is fun. Others will too! The situation is fluid! Mostly I wanted y'all not to get confused when this crew starts writing stuff. You may now return to your regularly-scheduled programming.