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Arsenal vs. Tottenham: Match preview, how to watch

The neighbors come to town. Hide the good china.

he looks so contemplative
he looks so contemplative
Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

Here we are, the first North London derby of the Premier League season. There was that little matter of the league cup earlier, but that's the league cup, and while that was nice, this one actually matters more. This one is to keep Arsenal within touching distance of the top of the table. This one's to keep Tottenham sitting at the kid's table. This one's where Arsenal can get the bad taste of Wednesday out of their mouths.

The good news is, there's good news! Laurent Koscielny was held out as a precaution Wednesday, but according to the boss, he should be available tomorrow - Wenger called it "eighty per cent" that he'd be back. Arteta's maybe going to be available too, but Hector Bellerin is definitely going to miss the game.

So while not 100%, Arsenal should be a much stronger team tomorrow . The returning Kos and the (hopeful) desire to put right what went oh so wrong on Wednesday lines up really well with the exact opponent against which I would like to see things put right.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham
English Premier League

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Emirates Stadium, London

HOW (to watch):
US: NBCSN, Telemundo
Worldwide info