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Monday cannon fodder

Trying to be more regular!

Did not get injured
Did not get injured
Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Happy Monday! Or, in some parts of the world, I guess it's Tuesday already. Anyway, hope it's a good one for everyone. What should we talk about today?

- Kobe Bryant is retiring. Not a huge basketball fan, but I've always liked Kobe Bryant, and it's always a shame when legends retire. Even if Kobe maybe should have hung it up last year.

- The MLS Cup final is set, featuring the forces of goodness, right, and the American way against some team from Ohio, which is apparently a place I'm going now. RELATED: What's your favorite bar in Columbus, OH?

- Will Jamie Vardy ever not score again, and how will he look in PSG blue next year

- It's year end time. Favorite books/films/TV/music/games/whatever else released this year?

- Oh by the way does anybody want to go play for Arsenal because they need warm bodies

No politics, no religion, but for anything and everything else: Go!