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Bellerin out for Bayern Munich match, JEFF! in

While it is undoubtedly sad Hector will miss the match tomorrow, now begins the reign of JEFF!, first of his name.

Arsene Wenger dropped a pre-match press conference bombshell. No, it was not that Hector Bellerin, Arsenal's barely legal right back stalwart, is out for the match due to a groin injury. It's that budding global superstar and hairstyle icon JEFF! (Reine-Adelaide) will be making the first of thousands of appearances in the Arsenal first-team squad tomorrow night in Munich.

The talented young Frenchman took the world by storm after his impressive display at the Definitely A Real Trophy Emirates Cup 2015. He's fresh off the U17 World Cup in Chile where he was impressive, particularly in France's last match against Costa Rica. He started off on fine form in the Arsenal U21s but missed a couple of months due to injury, and tomorrow marks his first involvement in club competition since his layoff.

To come back to earth a little bit, the loss of Bellerin will be acutely felt. Mathieu Debuchy has, frankly, looked like garbage in every single appearance he's made this season, and Calum Chambers has not played right back in nearly a year. Unless Wenger has other ideas, it will almost certainly be Debuchy that gets the starting nod. Arsenal fans will have to hope/pray/make sacrifices to the god(s) of their choosing that the Debuchy who was a solid contributor at Newcastle and the first-choice French right-back ahead of Bacary Sagna shows up, as opposed to the one who has donned an Arsenal kit and failed to make any sort of positive impact thus far this season.

(Thanks to @ATVS_PaulCrewe for the exquisite photoshop)