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Norwich 1-1 Arsenal: match report

That wasn't a whole lot of fun.

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it me
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Remember last week when Arsenal lost on the road after losing two important players to injury? Well, you could be forgiven if you found yourself looking for glitches in the matrix, because today's trip to Norwich was a near-mirror of last week's match against West Brom. This time Arsenal managed to get at least the one point, but that wasn't a massive victory, really.

The one bright spot in the match was a great goal scored by Mesut Özil, who is extremely good. It was a tremendous chipped finish, and was created by an almost-equally great pass from Alexis Sanchez. We'll find out soon (hopefully) how long it will be until the next time we get to see him do things like that – he had to leave the match with a hamstring injury. He was also shoved into a pit.

Laurent Koscielny also had to leave with an apparent hip injury. So yeah, all around today wasn't great. Hopefully the sun will come up tomorrow.